Here's what has been finished since the last update.

Combat is complicated. You can get a more detailed description on how it all works by reading the wiki where I'm keeping my notes, but here is a brief description. The most important aspects in combat are the quality of the weapon you are using, your skill with that weapon type, and the attribute associated with that skill. IE: I'm using a master quality bow with master skill in marksmanship and strong dexterity. If you aren't using a weapon, you are using fists which have the lowest quality, your melee skill, and strength. You can only attempt to hit someone once per hour. Your success on the attack is largely determined by your dexterity attribute and some luck. Every time you attempt to attack someone, they will defend themselves by counter-attacking you automatically.

It will be possible in a separate feature to group up militarily.

When being attacked, there is a chance which is variable and dependent on your dexterity, that you will get a severe injury.
When they get injured you can see it in their description, and so can everyone else.
The likelihood of an injury is 10 - dexterity = % chance.
Injuries can be temporary or permanent depending on how they are healed (average of medicine quality and knowledge)
Injuries are permanent if they are never healed or if a healing attempt totally fails. Injuries are temporary if they are properly healed. You can have multiple injuries at once - what type is random.

1. groin injury - no mating
2. arm - -1 strength
3. leg - -1 dexterity
4. head injury - -1 knowledge

Healing is a project that takes time, but can be completed faster with quality medicine and high knowledge. When health reaches 0 the characters go into an Incapable state which is a separate feature that will be worked on next. You can attempt to heal your own injuries, if you're willing to try.

Mating is a straightforward action. It can only be attempted if all of the following are true:
1. it has been at least 10 days since the last mating for both characters
2. both characters are over 18 years old
3. both characters are not incapable
4. both characters are not from the same account
5. neither character has an unhealed or permanent groin injury
6. one character is male and the other is female
7. both characters are from the same race.
8. both characters are in the same location

When selected a request is sent to the other character through a notification that they can accept if both characters are in the same location or reject.
The requester is notified of their response. A mating will technically fail if the female is already waiting for a child (with the same or a different male) when a mate offer is accepted, but one will never know if this happens before a child is born... except for the female, of course.If successful, the parents will be in line to accept the spawn of a new child after 120 hours (5 real days).

This is a private conversation with only one other person.
Other characters who see the whisper have the option to eavesdrop if their guile skill is greater than 2.
Chance of success to know what was said depends on luck and guile skill.
If you fail, everyone else in the area will know you tried to listen.
This option only appears while the whisper has occurred within the last 4 hours and the speaker, and the speaker, listener and eavesdropper are still in the location the whisper was spoken.
The chance of success formula is: 10 + $random + ($dexterity * 6) + ($guile * 10) = %

That's all for the latest. Up next is Incapability, Dragging, and Persistence (things changing in the world over time). Thanks!