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Marosia is a new free browser/text based role-playing/story-telling RPG currently in development that combines the intrigue of virtual society, and the excitement of a fantasy setting.

Experience the excitement of playing out a character's entire life,
living their moments, and knowing their most intimate secrets.

Understand the world around you within a text based environment,
where words will sweep you into a new land of imagination and possibility.

Feel the pleasures of your character's new discoveries;
weapons, armor, tools, and resources are waiting to be used
and created for your character's agendas.

Fall in love, start a family, raise an empire, begin a business,
create a religion, discover treasure, lead a colony, plan a plot, become a thief, or change the world.

It's up to you. The world is full of magic, surprises, gods, and demons.
Where will your character fit within it?

Family System
Crafting System
Fully Player-made Cultures, Religions, and Societies
Random Events
Optional Rollable RP Skills
Various Races
Character Needs
And plenty to come!