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Dev Blog - Friday Update #6

Latest update on the process of crafting: ingredients. Ignore the quality box on the right, as it's still being developed.

You can see that available ingredients to use changes depending on the category and item you select. The first picture is an example of what it is like to craft an item with varying potency. With this screen, you can see items like potions require specific tools, but you can use any combination of ingredients. In the results box to the right, you will see the quality and usefulness of the resulting item when you click on any ingredient. The quality of the ingredient will affect the resulting item. So, potions made with powerful herbs will have powerful healing qualities. Weapons made with strong metals will be more damaging in combat, while armor will be tougher in defense. Food made with good quality ingredients will fill you up more.

The second screen shows what it looks like when you're missing an ingredient, do not have an ingredient, or do not have the right tool. It also shows the type of items you can craft that have more specific requirements, such as a specific number of a general resource like wood or stone.

The third screen shows what it looks like when an item needs only one of some general resources like wood or stone. Some screens may show additional optional ingredients you can add. Note that quality is very important for some things, and not as much for others. The quality of the house you build, currently, does not provide any penalties or benefits right now, so it's likely you will not see a quality result for that type of craft at all. Despite the intermixing between items where quality matters and items where it doesn't, I still wanted to have one, uniform, recognizable interface where everything you want to do can be done for crafting.

In addition I want to mention I plan for there to be an 'invention' type option where you will have full access to your inventory of ingredients to make an item of whatever you want. You will be able to name it and describe it - however this item will have no mechanical use. It will be for roleplay items only, and just gives those who enjoy making new things, or that cannot find items in game to make that fit their roleplay, an open platform for creativity that supports their story.


Dev Blog - Friday Update #5

This week's progress is a little different from the rest. After starting on developing the crafting interface I realized I needed to optimize a few aspects of the design, so I went back to the drawing board to sketch out some solutions.

This began with re-designating/designing some skill types. I've taken out lockpicking (it will instead be dependent on the dexterity attribute, and has been replaced with building), mechanics (now carpentry), and farming is now called harvesting. I have also made facilities a type of building instead of a stand-alone type. Harvesting is related to the strength attribute, and is built through the gathering of ingredients, herbs, wood, and fish. Building is related to the knowledge attribute, and can be leveled through working on projects for creating buildings (houses and facilities), and machines. The carpentry skill is related to the knowledge attribute and can be leveled through working on projects to make containers and furniture. While I was making these changes I updated the look of the skills section, because I thought it was too dark and cramped for easy reading before.

What I ended up with was a consolidation of both freeform and recipe types of crafting under one menu. Basically, almost everything is treated as 'freeform' crafting (you select which ingredients will be used) with broad requirements, for which I will give a few examples in the attached pictures.

Most items will require (or have optional) types of resources. For example, crafting a knife will require one of any stone, and one of any wood (there are multiple types of both, all of varying qualities). The quality of woods and stones are predetermined, and higher quality types will result in a higher quality knife, which in turn means a faster project completion time.

Basically, what you need to know about quality is that resource quality is predetermined, but character-made item quality is determined by skill level + ingredients.

Food, weapons, armor, healing potions, and clothing have the option to add more resources than their requirements. For example, to make a melee weapon, you need at least one metal. You can optionally add fabric, or gems, and you can keep adding metals until you reach the max limit of 5 total resources to create the item. The benefit to adding more than one metal is that it can raise the overall quality of the resulting weapon, and it is also useful for aesthetics/customization.

This is assuming you have the appropriate machines and tools available.

There are a few item types that are processed through machines (if you have them) which appear in this menu, such as string or fabric. These have more specific requirements. For example, to make one silk cloth you need two silk strings and a loom. There are only a couple of these 'processed' item types. These include fabric, string, metal, animal feed, and animal products. There is an one example of this in the attached pictures as well.

The crafting menu will only show you the items which you have at least some requirements met (tools, resources, or machines if applicable). This should keep the menu from getting too flooded with stuff all at once. I've attached some sketches of the design I will be building over the next week so you have some idea of what to expect. To get a full view/understanding of the various crafting possibilities you may not yet have access to, everything will be documented in the wiki so you aren't completely dependent on what is around you to see what is possible to craft.

All the changes from the redesign have already been addressed in the code already (such as skill names, and so on), so I can get straight into the new code such as crafting logic and the interface without anymore delay. Final sketches of the different types of craft menu types you will see are attached, but they're still rough so they may yet change.

That's all for this week - have a great weekend!

Dev Blog - Friday Update #4

I'm posting the tally early this week: 9 bugs were squished and 8 features were finished, all involving the project menu.

You can now view ongoing projects in the project menu. On the menu, there is a brief description of the most important parts of the interface, a more in-depth description that can be optionally read by clicking Read More, and a wiki link for those who want a more technical explanation of the mechanics.

Then a list of the projects which are being worked on in the area can be seen including what type, an indication of whether this project is a job, the progress, and who the owner/employer of the project is.

You can click on the project name to get a dropdown section of more specific information about each project, but the type of information you get depends on whether you started the project, whether it's a job, and how old the project is.

You will be able to see who is working on the project, and how many resources or what item will be produced at project completion. If the project is a job, you will be able to see how much you will be paid for working on the project based on the skill it needs.

If you are the owner of a project then you have some additional power. Firstly, you will be able to add money to a project to make it into a job which will pay workers to do the project. There is an explanation of how this works in the window, but this is basically how it works. A project holds a total sum of money that has been added to it, and this is distributed to workers based on how much they contribute.

When you add money to a project, you are adding to that total sum, which is the amount of money you're saying you are willing to pay for the entire project to be completed. If you put 10 coins on a project to gather 10 apples, you're paying 10 coins for 10 apples, or 1 coin a piece.

You cannot subtract money from this total, to avoid abuse, so if you make a mistake you will have to cancel the project and start it again. Cancelling a project can be done if you are the owner and no one is working on the project, or if the project is over two game years old with no one working on it, then you don't have to be an owner to cancel it.

All aspects of this menu are fully functional and tested, so this coming week we will be moving onto the implementation of Recipe Crafting.

Dev Blog - Friday Update #3

Tally for this week: 9 bugs were fixed, and 3 features were added. Progress was a bit slower this week because there were a lot of changes outside of development that created a delay. Despite that, a lot of functionality that was developed last week has been tested and fixed up this week. Hunting now has a waiting period of an hour per animal. You can now begin burying bodies, and you can also begin taming animals. Additionally, a bigger feature that was added along with taming was resource consumption when starting a project that requires it. Next week, I'm hoping to get the projects menu designed and mostly functional with joining, cancelling, and adding pay to a project operational.

Dev Blog - Friday Update #2

Tally for this week: 20 bugs were fixed and 9 features have been added.

Now, you can see information about items which were moved, where someone is going or coming from, and colors for status on hunger and health change depending on how low they are.

When your levels are fine, it's a regular blue that doesn't stand out. When they're medium they're orange, and when they're too low they're red. When you click on someone's name to change it you can now see their description and who you're looking at.

When in the character creation menu, you can click on the picture to select the race, or you can click on the dropdown - both will give you information about that race on selection.

A loading icon was added to show you that your post is processing when you sent an event.

The race and age of the person you're looking at has been added to the people menu, when you're looking at someone.


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