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TOTW - Compelling Characters - 13/Sept/20
« on: September 15, 2020, 07:04:14 AM »
Theme of the Week - Compelling Characters

Hello! It is Sunday and roleplay appreciation day once again. This week's theme is "Compelling Characters." Who are the characters in Marosia that you have seen whose posts you always make sure to stop and read? Who are the characters that you personally think are interesting and fun to interact with? Who are the characters who enthral you with their posts?  (If you want to do an anon post please dm a mod, admin or helper with your appreciation post)

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Re: TOTW - Compelling Characters - 13/Sept/20
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I'll give it a personal twist here. First list includes chars I don't necessarily interact much with. Second, chars that are interesting to interact with, sure, but also that gave that click-at-first-interaction feel, to keep the list manageable. Because honestly, I enjoy interacting with SO MANY of you, y'all have amazing chars, and in most cases, interaction grew over time.

Posts I ship to read, fangirl style: Dorne, Alder, Chaffer, Farryn, Pax, Shalistae, Brynhildr, Legacy, Tessa, Tycho, Siol, Sarasa

Chars that gave me that instant click in interaction: Myrist, Lucienne, Callan, Addy, twin sis, Matsu, Myles, Ar'den, Cygnuus, Richter, Coivie, Athalie, Sam, Orion, a few people I never got the names of... or forgot. Fate kept us apart.